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The Shadow Deepens

By the Stewards’ Reckoning, it is the month of Narquelië in the year 2956 of the third age of Middle-earth. In the Shire, in the west of Eriador, tales of Bilbo Baggins’ outlandish adventure to the Lonely Mountain and back with a company of dwarves and that meddlesome wizard, Gandalf, have passed into local legend, and life has settled back into its bucolic pace.

But elsewhere in Middle-earth, the fragile peace that followed the Battle of the Five Armies has begun to erode.

To the east, past the bounds of the Bree-land in the Lone-lands of Eriador, the shadows that fell long ago when the Witch-king of Angmar waged war on the last men of Númenor continue to deepen. Fell creatures inhabiting the ruins of Angmar and Arthedain beckon for their kin from the Misty Mountains and beyond to join them.

Further east still, in Wilderland, it is rumored that servants of the enemy have taken up dominion yet again in Southern Mirkwood.

The Dúnedain remaining in Eriador are ever vigilant. But, with their diminishing numbers, can they keep the growing shadow at bay? Can the free peoples of the Bree-land and the Shire continue to turn a blind eye? Or, has the time come to forge new alliances to ensure that the failings of ages past do not come to pass once again?

Tale of Years

Session Recaps
Session 1, Part 1
Session 1, Part 2
Session 1, Part 3

Session 2, Part 1
Session 2, Part 2
Session 2, Part 3

Session 4, Part1
Session 4, Part2

Session 6, Summary

Session 7, Summary

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