Amon Tira

Amon Tira is a hilltop fort constructed some time after the First Northern War (1355-1356 T.A.) fought between Arthedain and Angmar. Its main purpose was to provide early warning when invading forces came down from the north. It is located 20 leagues northeast of Fornost Erain. It was abandoned sometime after the fall of Arthedain in 1974 T.A.

There are two remarkable things about Amon Tira. The first is that it is rather well-preserved – both for its age and the fact that it served as a fort of the DĂșnedain during the Northern Wars. The second is the door to the armory. It has hallmarks of the craft of NĂșmenor of old and is under Elvish enchantments.


The Sindarin carved upon the door is the first four lines of Canto IV of The Lay of Leithian. Translated to Common, they read:

In Elder-days that long are gone
a light amid the shadows shone,
a voice was in the silence heard:
the sudden singing of a bird

Amon Tira

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