Glaer Dagor Fervain

The Lay of the Northern Battle
translated from the Sindarin

Duinhir led his company across the Northern wild,
And by his side did Bowen go, with humor wise and mild.
The Widow spoke not of her past, though fierce and fell was she,
And Alaglîr, our distant kin, was wary of the sea.

Two Mannish children seized by Orcs they tracked across the moor,
Duinhir and the Widow both full wise in wild-lore.
Alaglîr’s arrows found their mark and Orcs fell dead as stone,
While the Hobbit found his courage as he faced the foe alone.

In Fornost sought they counsel, and the Wood-elf spoke to trees;
Bended branches led them onward, where a Ranger took his ease.
He was called by Men Talandil, and he joined them on their way:
They sped for Amon Tira, Orcish enemies to slay.

When they reached the Tower of Watch the Orcs were thick upon the place,
So the company behid themselves while Bowen crept apace.
And the Hobbit strode so softly, scouting out the lands ahead,
Not a single Orc awakened, nor a single sentry fled.

Of the prowess of the Rangers Men shall surely one day sing
For Duinhir and his elder both brought honor to their king.
In the Widow’s wake a bloody swath lay stained upon the ground
As Alaglîr’s bow sang high and fast and Wargs fell all around.

So praise them, Elves of Rivendell, and bid them prop their feet!
And soothe their worried hearts with verses fair and voices sweet.
Let us welcome them as Elf-friends, let us honor them in song;
And let them all find shelter here, and rest all winter long.

Glaer Dagor Fervain

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